Airports - Window Films Installation

Commercial Window Film Installation Company

# 1 in Airport Window Film Installation


Commercial Window Shield has been the go to security window film installation company for the nation’s airports because:

  • We know how to work in the crowded, non-stop action of an airport terminal and get the job done
  • Airport terminal security film installation projects require unique and creative installation methods, a Commercial Window Shield forte
  • We create and maintain flexible schedules that cater to the unique environment of an airport terminal
  • No matter the difficulty of the project, we always finish on time and complete the project as promised


Strengthening Airport Security with Safety Security Window Films


America’s airports increasingly are installing security film on all their exposed windows to protect airline passengers and airport employees against terrorist and foul weather events. The reasons?

  • Airports are prime targets of terrorists because of the numbers of people gathered in one place
  • Most airport terminals have large amounts of exposed glass
  • Shattered glass from a bomb or storm can shatter windows, sending deadly glass shards flying into the terminals
  • Security window film holds windows in place, making them shatter-resistant.