O'Hare International Airport

O'Hare International Airport

United Airlines – Terminal 1 Chicago, Ill.

Nature of Project

Blast Mitigation

Scope of Project

Square feet of glass protected – 37,500
Four-sided mechanical anchoring
Structural silicone anchoring of the film was required

Type of Film Installed

Armorcoat 8-mil clear fragment retention film

United Airlines – Terminal 1 Chicago, Ill.  Blast Mitigation Project
Blast MitigationInstallation Project

Project Detail

For one of the world’s busiest airport terminals, Commercial Window Shield was asked to protect the enormous panes of glass at the arrival and departures areas at the airport’s United Terminal.

The project called for fragment retention film to be installed on 37,500 square feet of hard-to-reach glass in a crowded, busy environment. As often is the case when Commercial Window Shield takes on an intricate project, job specifications developed by the project’s architect and engineering firms were not feasible. Commercial Window Shield offered an alternative, more effective plan utilizing its own engineering calculations and installation design. Part of Commercial Window Shield’s project plan called for three scissor lifts and a 40-foot articulating boom to be used to reach the top of the extremely large panes of glass.

As usual, Commercial Window Shield’s plan worked to perfection. The highly visible job was completed on time and to the satisfaction of all the parties involved, including the city of Chicago, which manages the airport.