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Dressing Up Your Office with Decorative window Film

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Decorative glass enhancement

privacy films are becoming increasingly popular. In newer buildings and renovated spaces, walled offices and conference rooms are being replaced by glass enclosures that offer the opportunity for a wide variety of decorative films. Some of the film designs are spectacular. They include:

  • perfect beach scenes
  • museum-quality paintings and photographs
  • geometrical patterns of all shapes and colors


The emergence of privacy window films has added an entirely new dimension to the look and appeal of these new glass offices and conference rooms. These decorative films, which come in all types of patterns and colors, not only enhance the beauty of the glass but provide some privacy as well. Groups of employees can work in a conference room with a sense of freedom from the unobtrusive boundaries decorative film provides. There are various types of decorative/privacy films. They include:


  • Frosted: Versatile frosted films come in a variety of styles, from modern to historic.
  • Gradient: These films feature gradual transitions from transparent to opaque. They offer an open feel to the workspace yet disguise cluttered offices and conference rooms and have a privacy component as well.
  • Pattern: These films feature a variety of often bold patterns and geometric shapes. They are more design-oriented and often are used to develop a branding style for a business and its workspace.
  • Texture: Classic designs with a sense of elegance through the light-refracting sparkle of designer textured glass, is the hallmark of these films.
  • Specialty: These films are designed to mask light or add a vivid shot of translucent color. As a result, they make a bold statement a company’s style and design brand.
  • Custom: Any company can design their own style of decorative films and have them produced by a film manufacturer.

Commercial Window Shield has a proven track record of working with contractors and architects

  • Once the film has been selected we secure it from the manufacturer and develop a timeline for installation
  • We are nimble and flexible working in employee-occupied environments and plan our projects accordingly
  • We are thorough in our installation method, but we work fast and complete every project on time 
  • With more than 30 years in the business and having a talented team of engineers and installers, we can adapt to any unforeseen situation and finish the job according to spec.

Decorative Films Frequently Asked Questions

These laminated films are installed on the glass in interior offices and conference rooms.

These films add privacy to clear glass offices and conference rooms. They also add an attractive design element to otherwise plain glass.

Yes. They come in many different colors and design patterns.

As the nature of the modern office has changes so to have the way they are designed. Glass offices and conference rooms are considered plain so many companies are adding decorative window film, also known as privacy window films, to their glass to spruce up their office space.

Privacy window films and decorative window films are the same. Essentially, it’s one film with two purposes. The films are beautifully designed, dressing up glass offices and conference rooms. That’s the decorative window film part. But the privacy glass film component adds a privacy component to offices and conference rooms, which are important for most companies.

It takes a particular expertise to properly install decorative window film. If the film is not precisely measured and aligned it will ruin the look of the film. And once the privacy glass film is in place it can’t be removed without ruining the film.

Privacy/decorative window films are considered an excellent cost benefit compared to installing tinted glass for offices and conference rooms, which can be prohibitively expensive.