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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my company need commercial window film installation services?

If you are seeking to make your building more energy efficient and/or protect your tenants from flying glass due to a terrorist or other attack or a catastrophic weather event, then you should consider installing solar control or security window film on your building. Additionally, you might be interested in specialty films, such as privacy/decorative, smart/switchable or radio frequency shielding.


What is the price of window film installation?

The cost of window film installation on a building is determined by the total number of windows to be protected, the size of the windows, the type of film that will be installed and the installation method.


What types of window film does Commercial Window Shield offer?

Commercial Window Shield installs solar control, security, solar/security, privacy/decorative, smart/switchable and radio frequency shielding films.


What window films provide the best protection?

Security window films, also knows as fragment retention and shatter resistant, provide the best protection for office building windows. The film holds the glass in place if there is a catastrophic attack, explosion or foul weather event.


What are privacy/decorative window films?

These laminated films are installed on the glass in interior offices and conference rooms.


What are the key reasons to have privacy/decorative window films?

These films add privacy to clear glass offices and conference rooms. They also add an attractive design element to otherwise plain glass.


Are privacy/decorative films customizable?

Yes. They come in many different colors and design patterns.


What is fragment retention window film?

This film holds window glass in place during any type of bomb or other blast, or a catastrophic weather event.


What are the major benefits of security window films?

They protect window glass from shattering and turning into lethal weapons that can injure or kill building tenants.


How much does it cost to install security film?

Security window film costs vary according to the type and thickness of the film as well as the installation method. Cost typically is related to the square footage of the windows that will be protected and the difficulty of the installation.


What is the difference between safety and security window films?

They are the same films but can be described differently by different groups. Other names for security window films are: shatter resistant window film and fragment retention window film.


How much protection do safety and security films offer?

Safety and security window films offer considerable protection against terrorist and catastrophic weather events by holding window glass in place at all times.


How do you install safety and security window films?

They are applied to the interior of building windows using an adhesive. Sometimes a special attachment system is used, which guarantees a more secure window.


Are safety and security window films affordable?

Considering the cost ramifications from a catastrophic event in which a building’s glass is blown out, injuring and possibly killing building tenants, the cost of security window film in minimal. Additionally, you can add a solar control component to any security window film which saves energy costs and offers a payback alternative that can negate the cost of the film over a number of years.


What is switchable smart film?

This film is installed on clear interior office and conference room glass. Initially the film is clear, allowing people passing by to see into the room. A switch in the room can flipped on, turning the film into a shield of sorts, blocking the view of any onlookers.


Why switchable smart films are in demand?

With the increase in glass offices and conference rooms in offices buildings – mainly as a design consideration as well as the trend toward open, friendly environments – the need for privacy alternatives also has increased.


What are the benefits of switchable smart film installation?

The film gives corporate managers the option to turn open offices and conference rooms into private environments with the flip of a switch.


How much does it cost for smart film installation?

Film costs are mainly related to the amount of film required, as costs are based on square footage.


What are the benefits of solar control window film?

This film prevents glaring sun rays to enter buildings unfiltered, making it more comfortable for office employees sitting at desks near windows. The film can also significantly reduce building energy costs by balancing the building’s HVAC system that can be thrown out of whack by unfiltered sun rays.


What is your process of installing solar control window film?

The film is installed on the interior of the glass with an adhesive that secures the film to the glass.


How effective is solar control window film?

Solar control window film can significantly reduce a building’s energy consumption, providing building owners with savings that can eventually pay for the film.


How do security window films provide protection to schools?

The film secures window and entryway glass making it extremely difficult for a potential armed invader to enter the building. Any attempt to break the glass and enter the building would take so much time that any invader would be confronted by security officers well before they made much progress.


What is the installation cost of security window films?

The cost of installing safety and security window films on school buildings depends on the number of windows and entryways that require protection and the type of security film school officials choose. Many states offer schools security grants that can fund some or all of the safety and security window film installation.


Are school windows really needing window film protection?

One of the worst school massacres in history – Sandy Hook Elementary – occurred because the shooter gained access to the building by break the glass in the school’s front entrance. Installing security film on school windows and entryways can prevent potential armed intruders from entering the building and harming its occupants.


What is radio frequency shielding film?

Radio Frequency Shielding Films, also known as RF films, provide a fool-proof method of preventing electronic eavesdropping and theft of secure and classified information from computers and cell phones through window glass.


What are the benefits of radio frequency shielding film?

The film prevents electronic eavesdropping and theft of secure and classified information from computers and cell phones by hackers through window glass.


What places are radio frequency shielding film most needed?

RF films are needed in any office building where highly sensitive information is displayed on computer screens and mobile phones and can be viewed through clear glass.


Why are glass office buildings so dangerous for birds?

Ornithologists estimate that 330 million to one billion birds die annually in the United States due to glass collisions, fatalities that can be prevented by the adoption of several emerging building strategies, including anti-bird strike film installation.
Depending on the location, light conditions, and time of day, building glass and windows can appear highly reflective or completely transparent. By appearing similar to open sky, trees, and vegetation, it causes birds to mistake the space as a safe place to fly.


What is the purpose of installing anti-bird strike film on an office building?

Bird safety window films are specifically designed and engineered to allow birds to see reflective windows that would otherwise appear invisible. The result is saving the lives of untold thousands of birds and preventing costly damage to your building’s windows.


Is anti-bird strike film expensive?

Compared to installing new windows with bird safety qualities, installing anti-bird strike film on your office windows is the most cost-effective way to make your glass safe.


Has any legislation been passed requiring the installation of anti-bird strike film on glass office buildings?

New York City passed legislation in December, 2019, requiring bird friendly windows on all new building construction and any extensive renovations of existing buildings. The city of San Francisco, a number of smaller California towns and the state of Minnesota have passed similar legislation. The trend toward anti-bird strike office window safety measures is likely to continue over the next few years.