Radio Frequency Shielding Film

Radio Frequency Shielding Films

provide a fool-proof method of preventing electronic eavesdropping and theft of secure and classified information from computers and cell phones through window glass. Alarmingly, this has become a serious issue in high-security office buildings and in offices with computers storing vital information, either for the federal government or the private sector.


Commercial Window Shield is a leading installer of specialty window films, including radio frequency shielding film. We:

  • Have a close working relationship with the manufacturer of this niche security window film
  • Can install a combination blast mitigation and radio frequency shielding film to protect windows and thwart electronic eavesdroppers
  • Have an installation method that has proven to be the best and is unmatched in the security window film business
  • Are nimble and flexible working in employee-occupied environments and plan our installation projects accordingly
  • Have more than 30 years in the business and have a talented team of engineers and installers who can adapt to any unforeseen situation and complete the project according to spec