Switchable smart film

Smart Film

Smart Window Film

Switchable smart film has become

an in-demand product because:

  • It eliminates the need for blinds, shades or window treatments
  • It allows for privacy by blocking views from outside the room
  • With the flip of a light switch the film becomes transparent
  • It also transforms any glass into a high definition rear projection screen allowing you to display PowerPoint presentations, TV images and videos


The development of smart films in recent years by film manufacturers has provided an effective and attractive way for companies to determine when they want an open office concept and when they want privacy.

Smart film, also known as switchable film, is installed on interior glass and has an electrical component that is wired to a light switch. When the switch is on, the film remains clear allowing passersby to see inside. When the switch is off the film becomes opaque, blocking views of the interior and turning the glass into a privacy wall.

Another useful smart window film feature: These films are projectable, meaning they can be used as a display screen for viewing power point presentations, videos and other images.

Switchable smart film’s frosted appearance is attractive. And its ability to turn an otherwise visible office or conference room into a private setting with the flip of a switch is a tremendous plus and one reason it has become popular with corporations and government.

Another plus for smart film is it is significantly cheaper than smart glass, another popular privacy product. Although smart glass is effective the cost can be prohibitive and switchable smart film, at a significant savings, is just as effective.

Commercial Window Shield

Commercial Window Shield is at the forefront of smart film installation


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  • We have experience with high-profile corporate customers
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Smart Film FAQ

This film is installed on clear interior office and conference room glass. Initially the film is clear, allowing people passing by to see into the room. A switch in the room can flipped on, turning the film into a shield of sorts, blocking the view of any onlookers.

With the increase in glass offices and conference rooms in offices buildings – mainly as a design consideration as well as the trend toward open, friendly environments – the need for privacy alternatives also has increased.

The film gives corporate managers the option to turn open offices and conference rooms into private environments with the flip of a switch.

Film costs are mainly related to the amount of film required, as costs are based on square footage.