Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control Window Film

If the sun

is penetrating your building’s glass, making it uncomfortable for your employees and causing your utility bills to spin out of control, consider installing solar control film on your windows. Your problem will be solved and your investment eventually will pay for itself through energy savings.

An example of a solar control window film project can been seen in the video to your left.


How Solar Control Films Work

  • Solar control films are coated with materials that reflect away the sun’s heat.
  • They reduce the brightness of the sun and virtually eliminate ultraviolet light.
  • There are two types of sun control products: exterior and interior.
  • Exterior products, which include films, are effective on sloped and other uniquely shaped glass and on atriums, as shown in this video.
  • Interior solar control films are more common. They are clear and don’t impact outside viewing. And they are very effective in their reduction of energy consumption and utility bills while increasing the comfort of building occupants.