Bird Safety Window Films

Bird Safety Window Films

Anti-Bird Strike Films

turn office building glass from lethal obstacles for birds into non-threatening windows. Millions of birds tragically are dying every year in cities with large, glass-dominant buildings because window reflections fool the birds into thinking they’re in a fly free zone. Sadly, the opposite is true. Installation of bird safety films is the easiest and most cost-effective way of solving this significant problem.


Commercial Window Shield

has the experience required in the niche field of anti-bird window film installation. In particular, we:

  • Have a close working relationship with many architects who have become proactive in including anti-bird strike film in their new building designs
  • Also work closely with a number of the country’s largest general contractors involved in significant office building projects
  • Have been an industry leader for more than 35 years in all types of window film installations, including a number of the country’s most famous buildings
  • Can adapt to any situation, no matter how difficult, in order to make any office building safe for birds traveling in fly zones