U.S. Capitol, House of Representatives, Library of Congress

U.S. Capitol, House of Representatives, Library of Congress

Washington, D.C.

Nature of Project

Fragment retention window film

Scope of Project

Square feet of glass protected - 260,
891 Number of windows protected - 26,966

Washington, D.C.  Fragment retention window film Project
Fragment retention window filmInstallation Project

Project Detail

Commercial Window Shield was involved in a competitive bidding process and was selected to install fragment retention film on one of the most important buildings in the world – the U.S. Capitol. Once Commercial Window Shield was chosen for the job it took only a few days to have more than 50 installers from all over the country to converge on Washington. We started installing security film at the Capitol on a Monday. Four days later, in one of the most complex security window film projects ever, the project was completed. Under normal circumstances, this project would have taken up to six months to complete.

Commercial Window Shield was awarded bids for multiple projects. In addition to the Capitol, the company was asked to install security window film at four House of Representative buildings (Rayburn, Longsworth, Cannon and Ford) as well as the three Library of Congress buildings (Adams, Jefferson and Madison). We also installed film at the U.S. Capitol Power Plant building, the O’Neil House Office building, the Botanical Gardens and the House Page Dorm. The entire project was completed in 40 days, which included a 10-day shutdown due to an anthrax scare.

In the history of the window film installation industry, nothing like this had ever been done before. Commercial Window Shield mobilized an enormous workforce of the country’s best installers with little notice. These workers installed several hundred thousand square feet of fragment retention film on some of the nation’s most important buildings under a trying deadline and security conditions. Yet they came through with flying colors, earning praise from all of the government officials involved.