U.S. Department of Energy Headquarters

U.S. Department of Energy Headquarters

Washington, D.C.

Nature of Project

Blast mitigation,
Energy conservation

Scope of Project

Square feet of film installed - 87,569
Number of windows protected - 3,300 panes
Two-sided mechanical attachment system

Type of Film Installed

8-mil fragment retention film with sun protection properties

Washington, D.C.  Blast mitigation,<br />
Energy conservation Project
Blast mitigation,<br />
Energy conservationInstallation Project

Project Detail

Commercial Window Shield was chosen to install fragment retention film on all the windows at the Department of Energy headquarters building in Washington. The James Forrestal Building, as the structure is known, is one of the most well-known buildings in the nation’s capitol. Assigning the project to Commercial Window Shield was made easy because the company has a GSA contract number.

The project involved applying security film to the inside surface of nearly 4,000 panes of glass. Most of the work was done by attaching the film to the window frame using Commercial Window Shield’s Blastight Film Attachment System. Some areas were not suited to the mechanical attachment, so the company used its wet-glazed system, which involves using Dow’s 995 structural silicone. Both of applications met GSA’s strict requirement for level C buildings.