J. Edgar Hoover Fbi Headquarters

J. Edgar Hoover Fbi Headquarters

Washington, D.C.

Nature of Project

Blast mitigation

Scope of Project

Square feet of film installed – 92,000
Number of windows protected – 4,000
One-sided [top] attachment

Type of Film Installed

7-mil fragment retention film

Washington, D.C.  Blast mitigation Project
Blast mitigationInstallation Project

Project Detail

The J. Edgar Hoover FBI headquarters building in Washington is one of the city’s most important buildings. Building officials were forward thinking in their decision to have fragment retention film installed on the building several years prior to 9/11. Security assessments by the federal government made it clear that a terrorist threat on the city was very real and that buildings needed to be protected.

As a result, GSA hired Commercial Window shield to install fragment retention film to more than 4,000 panes of glass at FBI headquarters. The film was then “attached” to the window frame using Commercial Window Shield’s Blastight Film Attachment System.

Not surprising, security was extremely tight for this project. As a result, company officials decided the best way to handle the project was to set up a film installation production shop in the building’s basement. All materials were delivered to the site. The historical film installation project went smoothly and was completed on time.