George R. Brown Convention Center

George R. Brown Convention Center

Houston, Texas

Nature of Project

Hurricane protection

Scope of Project

More than 2,500 window panes protected
Nearly 56,000 square feet of safety window film installed
Four-sided Dow 995 structural silicone [wet glaze] attachment system utilized to attach film to windows

Type of Film Installed

11-mil clear glass fragment retention film

Houston, Texas  Hurricane protection Project
Hurricane protectionInstallation Project

Project Detail

The convention center, covering two city blocks, is one of Houston’s most prominent buildings. After Hurricane Rita damaged numerous buildings in Houston in 2005 and the threat of terrorist attacks remained a concern, city officials determined that the convention center needed to be protected and that fragment retention window film was a priority. The prestigious project attracted 15 companies that submitted bids, but Commercial Window Shield won out. Aside from being the low bidder, the company had successfully installed window film on the Houston Transit Authority headquarters building several years earlier that survived Hurricane Rita. Also, Commercial Window Shield’s project foreman is certified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA], a critical advantage given the precarious nature of the installation work at the convention center.