Ernst & Young Headquarters

Ernst & Young Headquarters

New York City

Nature of Project

Blast mitigation

Scope of Project

Square feet of windows protected – 134,000
Panes of glass protected – 4,500

Type of Film Installed

8-mil fragment retention film

New York City  Blast mitigation Project
Blast mitigationInstallation Project

Project Detail

The project consisted of applying film with an attachment system to over 4,500 panes of glass – more than 134,000 square feet of glass – at a 40-story building in midtown Manhattan.

The building is in a high profile location and the entire facade is made up of either vision or spandrel glass. The building’s orientation and location made it vulnerable to a terrorist bomb blast, even if it were to occur blocks away. As a result, the installation required a heavy, protective film on the lower levels of the building with 8-mil film and perimeter attachments applied to the upper windows.

To minimize disruption of Ernst & Young’s daily activities, installation was done at night. Because of the sensitive nature of the firm’s work, intensive security checks were required. Although Boston Properties, which manages the building, allotted 150 days for completion of the project, Commercial Window Shield finished the work in 46 days.