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How do security window films provide protection to schools?

The film secures window and entryway glass making it extremely difficult for a potential armed invader to enter the building. Any attempt to break the glass and enter the building would take so much time that any invader would be confronted by security officers well before they made much progress.

What is the installation cost of security window films?

The cost of installing safety and security window films on school buildings depends on the number of windows and entryways that require protection and the type of security film school officials choose. Many states offer schools security grants that can fund some or all of the safety and security window film installation.

Are school windows really needing window film protection?

One of the worst school massacres in history – Sandy Hook Elementary – occurred because the shooter gained access to the building by break the glass in the school’s front entrance. Installing security film on school windows and entryways can prevent potential armed intruders from entering the building and harming its occupants.