Bird Safety Window Film FAQs

Commercial Window Film Installation Company

Why are glass office buildings so dangerous for birds?

Ornithologists estimate that 330 million to one billion birds die annually in the United States due to glass collisions, fatalities that can be prevented by the adoption of several emerging building strategies, including anti-bird strike film installation.

Depending on the location, light conditions, and time of day, building glass and windows can appear highly reflective or completely transparent. By appearing similar to open sky, trees, and vegetation, it causes birds to mistake the space as a safe place to fly.

What is the purpose of installing anti-bird strike film on an office building?

Bird safety window films are specifically designed and engineered to allow birds to see reflective windows that would otherwise appear invisible. The result is saving the lives of untold thousands of birds and preventing costly damage to your building’s windows.

Is anti-bird strike film expensive?

Compared to installing new windows with bird safety qualities, installing anti-bird strike film on your office windows is the most cost-effective way to make your glass safe.

Has any legislation been passed requiring the installation of anti-bird strike film on glass office buildings?

New York City passed legislation in December, 2019, requiring bird friendly windows on all new building construction and any extensive renovations of existing buildings. The city of San Francisco, a number of smaller California towns and the state of Minnesota have passed similar legislation.The trend toward anti-bird strike office window safety measures is likely to continue over the next few years.