Hartford Public Schools

Hartford Public Schools

Hartford, Conn.

Nature of Project

Blast mitigation

Scope of Project

Safety and security film installation in three phases

Type of Film Installed

8-mil security film with wet glaze attachment

Hartford, Conn.  Blast mitigation Project
Blast mitigationInstallation Project

Project Detail

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, Connecticut has been at the forefront of school building security. Commercial Window Shield, which already had completed a safety and security window film projects at Glastonberry and Simsbury school districts in the state.

In Phase 1 of the Hartford project in 2015, the company, which was the low bidder, installed security film on all first-floor windows and entryways in five school buildings. Hartford school officials were so pleased with the quality of the work and performance, they decided the extend Commercial Window Shield’s contract to include an additional nine school buildings rather than open the project to bid. Phase 2 was completed in late 2015.

In Phase 3, in 2016, the school district hired the company to install safety and security film on two additional school buildings for a total 16 buildings. Phase 4 is planned sometime in the 2017-18 school year. Each of the phases went smoothly and was completed on time.