Torpedo Factory

Torpedo Factory

Alexandria, Va.

Nature of Project

Sun protection

Scope of Project

Old, outdated roller shades were removed and replaced with new ones. All broken glass was replaced and solar film and vinyl graphics were installed on the glass.

Alexandria, Va.  Sun protection Project
Sun protectionInstallation Project

Project Detail

This building, formerly a torpedo manufacturing plant, was built before WWII and is a three-story concrete warehouse that now houses an art center The windows are large, with individual windows covering two floors. The sheer size of these windows made the installation challenging. The window openings were not uniform, so a careful measuring and numbering system had to be used to ensure the correct shade went on the correct window.

Further complicating the project, artists occupy the entire building and valuable sculptures, paintings, crystal and pottery fill nearly every space. So coordinating the artists schedules with those of the installers was a critical component of the project. The result was a successful installation that was carried out with little disruption among the building’s tenants.