National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art

Washington, D.C.

Nature of Project

Sun control

Washington, D.C.  Sun control Project
Sun controlInstallation Project

Project Detail

Commercial Window Shied initially was contracted by the nation’s most famous art museum in the early 1980’s to correct an improperly installed window shading by another company. This project involved installing solar control film on the top floor of the gallery’s East Wing to diminish the sun rays coming into the cafeteria and a hallway. The project was a success and led to other projects over the years. Those projects involved installing solar control film on windows to protect artwork and other exhibits. Challenging heating and lightening situations required creative planning on the part of Commercial Window Shield engineers on many of the projects. Over the years, the National Gallery staff relied on the company to solve these problems. Among the more successful projects: CWS designed a special shading system on the windows that could be altered depending on the amount of light required for certain exhibits.