Veterans Administration

Veterans Administration

Washington, D.C.

Nature of Project

Blast mitigation

Scope of Project

Square feet of film installed – 46,601
Number of windows protected - 3,907
Four-sided structural silicone attachment system

Type of Film Installed

8-mil fragment retention film with sun protection

Washington, D.C.  Blast mitigation Project
Blast mitigationInstallation Project

Project Detail

Commercial Window Shield was awarded a contract to supply and install fragment retention film to all exterior windows in the department of Veterans Affairs headquarters building in Washington.

This building is located in close proximity to the White House. Immediately after the attack of 9/11, Veterans Affairs contracted with Commercial Window Shield to install fragment retention film on selected areas of the building ¬ primarily facing the White House and Lafayette Park. Funding was then secured to complete the remainder of the building.

The VA chose a fragment retention film with a moderate reflective coating. As a result, in addition to blast protection, the film provided energy savings and comfort to the occupants by reducing the heat load entering the building.

Commercial Window Shield installed the film using a four-sided structural silicone attachment method. This increased the blast performance of the film system.

The project involved securing 3,978 panes of glass while the building was fully occupied. The work was completed on schedule in 24 days.