Vanderbilt Hall

New York, NY

Nature of Project

Blast mitigation
Glass repair/replacement 100-year-old windows

Scope of Project

Install fragment retention film on 454 windows in the terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall after removing decades of dirt and grim from the windows.

Type of Film Installed

7-mil clear fragment retention film

Project Detail

The scope of this project was so daunting, Commercial Window Shield was the only bidder. Multiple film installation companies attended the pre-bid walk through in Vanderbilt Hall, located inside the world famous Grand Central Terminal and left before the tour was completed. With a long history of completing challenging and difficult projects, GEM Construction, the project’s general contractor, was comfortable having Commercial Window Shield handle the project. The cleaning of the 454 windows, left untouched for decades, was a significant and delicate task but required to make sure the film would adhere to the glass. The project was completed as planned and on time, to the satisfaction of GEM.