Bowen Building

Washington, D.C.

Nature of Project

Blast Mitigation Custom Frames/Historic Windows Preservation

Scope of Project

699 window panes protected
Custom build/paint aluminum frames

Type of Film Installed

7-mil clear glass security window film

Project Detail

Built in 1922, the Bowen Building, located two blocks from the White House, required security film to be installed on all its windows. GSA had recently signed a lease with Vornado/Charles E. Smith for Bowen tenant the U.S. Treasury Department, triggering a security upgrade requirement that included window protection. The project was carried out in two phases. Phase 1 involved installing security film on all the windows for glass protection. That was completed on time in 18 days. Phase 2 entailed building aluminum frames holding Plexiglas and installing them three inches away from all the antique, wood-framed first floor windows, which could not be altered because the building is on the Historic Register. The aluminum frames were then painted to match the wood frames. Phase 2 also was completed on time.